A-Frame Cottages

 The Steel A-Frame Cottage Concept:

The Steel Frame Cottage was designed and developed to ensure maximum use of floor space and headroom.

  • The cottage structure is designed in order to save on building costs, i.e. to minimise on labour intensive conventional methods and still achieve an aesthetic design.
  • The saving on costs is achieved by the insulated steel structure incorporating roofing and roof windows which are primarily erected followed by the wet trade work.This structural work is achieved within five days from starting on site.
  • The follow-up work consists of under-roof brickwork (only 3800 bricks) to close up sides and gable ends. Additional windows and doors are built into the conventional brickwork according to Architect’s plan provided.
  • All electrical work, plumbing and finishing are then completed in the normal conventional way.
  • NHBRC certificates are required for the structure and the Builder for the finishing work.
  • All materials supplied are SABS approved.
  • We do supply DIY Kits. We supply country-wide and export kits according to our Pricelist.
  • We do not undertake any building work, plumbing, electricity, finishes etc. which have to be done by your own builder and is for your account.

77m² Cottage with Carport

Extent of the house structure

  • Steel Structure erected by us, Ready mixed concrete for steelwork foundations supplied by owner
  • Roof insulation included.
  • Staircase and handrail supplied, installed by your builder.
  • Top timber floor, balcony decking and handrail are installed by us.
  • The floor is a natural  finish un-sealed rough industrial floor and needs to be protected against the weather and possible damage after installation by the client. The timber floor is not suitable as a final finished wooden floor and needs to be covered with a carpet or similar covering.
  • Ceiling work needs to be installed to the underside of the timber floor by the client.
  • 1 dormer/roof windows installed. (additional roof windows are possible)

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