FAQ’s – Factories and Warehouses

1What, exactly do you supply?
We supply the Engineer’s plan with certificate and the warehouse structure only. This consists of the steel framework (and the foundations for the steelwork), Chromadek roof sheeting and roof insulation.
2What needs to be done by my builder to finish off the warehouse and make it habitable?
Your builder will need to complete the following according to your Architect’s plan:

  • Laying of the foundations and concrete slab for the ground floor
  • Under-roof brickwork to close up sides and gable ends
  • Installation of windows,doors, etc. to final completion.
3How much will it cost to bring warehouse structure to completion?
This depends on finishes and details to Architect’s specifications.
4How long does it take to erect the warehouse structure?
We will abide by your specified program and time table.
5What do I need to supply on site for construction of the structure to begin?
Client to arrange for foundation inspection and provide ready mix concrete.
6Is the Transport Cost extra to the quoted price?
We erect countrywide at additional costs. You will be quoted on transport and related costs.
7What sizes are available?

Portal frames are available in widths of: 9m,12m,15, 18m 20m,25m, and 30m at bay spacings of 5m and 6m, and heights ranging from 3m to 6m standard. Any structure can be produced according to Engineer’s design.

8What roof colours are available?
All standard colours are available, see our colour chart. Special translucent Polycarbon roof panels are also available to act as rooflights.
9Is the roof insulated?
Yes, we install insulation during the erection of the structure.
10Do you supply structures for self erection?
We do supply structures for self erection, specially if required for export purposes.
11Will you do the building work (after the erection of the steel structure) for me?
We do not undertake any building work, plumbing, electricity, finishes etc. which have to be done by your own builder and is for your account.
12I have a question with regards to Factories & Warehouses that isn’t answered here.
Please let us know via the Contact Us form, so that we can answer you, and add the question into this list.

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